myPB is a multiple family office whose aim is to serve the financial and lifestyle needs of families in the present and for future generations. For many families, while wealth growth and preservation are primary goals, the need to preserve identity and define leadership and succession issues are just as important. Todayʼs families have wealth that spans the globe and therefore have needs which range from investment supervision, estate planning to philanthropy.

At myPB, we sit down with you and your family to identify your overall needs in order to develop a wealth management strategy that is both relevant in the present and meets your objectives for future generations. We serve as a single point-of-contact, working with your existing advisors and relationship managers, while consolidating your assets in order to give you a comprehensive picture of your wealth.

Advantages and benefits of a Multiple Family Office:

Absence of conflict of interests.
Participating families have access to a variety of services that are not collectively offered elsewhere.

Families find they are better informed and maintain more direct control over financial matters.

They have the assurance of confidentiality in the management of financial and personal affairs, which is not usually available from larger product driven financial institutions.

They have the fulfillment of associating with a group whose goals are aligned with those of their family.

Our long-term commitment ensures continuity of relationship, avoiding the usual turnover of traditional bank managers.