In a world where financial products are commodities and product differentiation remains difficult, we carefully advise on those products that may best suit your risk profile and strategy. When and where needed, we tailor capital protected structured products depending upon market opportunities.

Through the support of a wealth of resources and research made accessible through information technology, partnerships and years of experience, we avail of a range of analyses and opinions that enable us to bring objective, untainted advice to you. These resources are carefully selected to meet yours and our intelligence needs. As much as possible, we try to think out of the box, wary of conventional wisdom and often taking contrarian approaches in order to bring you a different perspective.

Our flexibility means we can create a consolidated view of all your investments without asking you to give up any existing relationships with other banks or managers. We provide value-added consultative 2nd opinions on investment decisions you want to make and measure any systemic risks that may exist in the ensemble of your accounts.